My Wife Hurts Me

Woke up in the middle of the night unable to move. Yet again I’d managed to throw my back/shoulder our and the simple act of raising my left arm almost reduced me to tears. Eventually I managed to find a position where I could doze until the alarm went off. Rae must have noticed me flopping around like a wounded seal as I tried to roll over, or maybe it was my moaning about how much my bloody arm hurt and how impossible it was going to be for me to do anything today. Either way she sprang in to action.

Out came the liniment, out came her shoulders, thumbs, elbow.

I apologise to any neighbours who may have heard the yells coming from our bedroom this morning. There was nothing going on except my lovely gentle wife inflicting huge amounts of pain on my shoulder blade. I think at one stage I almost kicked her as my leg involuntarily flung up.

Thing is, it worked. I can move my arm now; the pain has shrunk back in to a tiny little ache. I’ve been told there will be more tonight so I’ll spend most of today psyching myself up for it. I may also spend some time looking at exercises I can do whilst sitting at my desk and researching ways to improve my posture. Anything would have to be better than seeing that little glint in Rae’s eyes as she moves in for the kill.

3 Replies to “My Wife Hurts Me”

  1. Roll on 5 o’clock. The boss won’t know what hit him as I fly out the door back to inject some pain…. Oops, pain RELIEF. 😉

  2. LOL I sleep funny and wake up in pain like that sometimes – thankfully The Spouse refuses to add to my pain by prodding me with a bargepole until I’m a safe distance away lol.

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