The Day

What a great day. It started off in the most magnificent way when Helen and Dale, who stayed last night, returned a favour and sat the tribe while Rae and I went out for breakfast. Together. By ourselves. With no kids. Alone. Just the two of us. We headed off to Le Chien in Seddon and plonked ourselves down in the window with The Age, coffee, tea and a carefree feeling that was a wonder to behold.

After our morning of being normal people we headed back to the kids to find our washing had been done and hung out and our floors mopped.  The Jankes left, Zita turned up for some tech support and a great lunch, Rob came over for a coffee that ended up with both of them staying for a yummy dinner and a couple of drinks.  The young ones are in bed, the elder two are being quiet and Rae and I are sitting here typing away but no doubt both having a good ole think about some majorly good news we heard today (No! It’s nothing to do with us.).

And that is how every Sunday should be.

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