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When we were looking at plans for our house there where a couple of non-negotiables, with the firmest being Rae and I needed a theatre room. We love our movies and with four thousand kids it’s not like we can just nip on out to The Sun or Astor to catch a film whenever we’d like.

Thankfully the plan we found had a space that suited us perfectly. We added doors, had a blackout curtian put on the window and will shortly have the speaker cables run through the walls. I’ve added a media PC so we can wirelessly watch any file I have on my main PC, put up our movie posters and my prized Dolby Digital plaque. We still need to get some more shelving for the DVD collection that refuses to stop growing, even though our ability to pay for it has well and truly declined.

We’ve now set aside either Friday or Saturday night as a movie night. Last week Ren dropped in to Cinema Malloy and watched Wall Street with us. Last night it was just the two of us and Fatal Attraction. We’re thinking of having a mini Michael Douglas festival and continuing with either Romancing the Stone or Falling Down. We could, alternatively fork in to Adrian Lyne territory and try Flash Dance followed by 9 1/2 Weeks before going down the Mickey Rourke path that could include Sin City and The Wrestler. Tough decisions to make.

I’m also thinking of trying Quickflix, the Aussie version of Netflix. If you’ve tried it I’d love to hear what you think. We have enough DVDs here to keep us going for almost a decade but there’s something that’s appealing about having movies mailed to me. We could keep our list of movies we missed but would like to see on Quickflix and slowly work our way through them.

Another thing we wanted when we were building the house was to have people come and stay, and today my sister and husband are in town. This means Cinema Malloy may not be open tonight, or hopefully, if it is it will be a full house. Who could ask for more?

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  1. A friend in a QLD weatherboard house has a home theatre and the sound system is good so the neighbours have asked her not to cause them the ‘doof doof’ after 11pm.
    Best Michael Douglas performance is
    Wonder Boys – he is a uni professor with writers block; Robert Downey Jnr is also brilliant in it.

  2. I used quickflix for a while a few years ago. It’s good if you don’t particularly care which movie you get next. You have to have a massive list of movies that you’ve chosen to watch and they’ll send them out not necessarily in the order you have them but as close as they can and the longer you have them as a high priority in your list the sooner you are likely to get them. I think that’s how it worked.
    I only signed up to get one movie I couldn’t get from the local hire place and it took a month or so to get it.
    The idea is good but the logistics means it’s not as good as it could be.

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