Remember when you were growing up and you were constantly warned of the dangers of peer group pressure? Don’t get sucked in just ’cause everyone else was doing it, don’t follow the pack, be your own person – all of those wonderful pieces of wisdom heaped upon our teenage selves?

Well, they still hold true when you’re, well, not a teenager any more.

As we left to go to the market today the neighbours (no, the old ones) were out the front planting shrubs, moving top soil and generally making the front of their house presentable. I looked at the huge mound of dirt we still have, noticed the tiny bits of construction crumbs still embedded in the dirt and began calculating in my head how much longer they had been in than we had and how much time this meant we had to get our house in order.

I guess these days it’s not the evil PGP, it’s keeping up with Jonses. Either way, it’s evil.

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  1. Hi Andrew. Yes, it normalloy is the South Melbourne market that we go to. It’s a great market that we know well after all these years, however this time we were off to the Queen Vic for a spot of odds-and-ends shopping.

    The pizza place at South Melbourne Market still has some of the best coffee in Melbourne, well worth the trip from the ‘burbs.

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