Home Improvements

Five months and four days later we’re still motoring along with the house improvements. This weekend was great. We had Andrew The Wonder Deck Builder come back and do some more work. We now have a bench in the laundry which will make a huge difference, we’ll probably add a couple of shelves above it at some stage but now a lot of the little bits of junk that find their home on the floor will have a place to live.

He also did some major work in the theatre. All of our speaker wires are now running through the roof and down the walls. He had tiles off, ladders up and was hacking away at our walls and the result is magnificent. No more wires trailing along the skirting boards or draped over the door way. It’s now tidy little bits of wire coming out of wall plates.  Add a new antenna point in the kids area and the updates were complete

Next up is the front yard. As I’ve mentioned previously it’s a bit of an embarrassment but recently brother in law Dale, who works for a landscaper and is a dab hand at creating gardens himself, was down and drew up a plan that we loved. He’s just emailed through a list of things we need so this week we’ll be pricing, organising and getting things rolling.

Oh, and for those following the saga of our non-existent side fence you won’t be surprised there’s been another development. The guy who quoted hadn’t turned up so I called him this week. At least I tried to call him – his phone had been disconnected. Sigh. The neighbour is now going to follow it up as it was his brother who sent the fencer over. One day we’ll have that fence, one day.

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  1. Must get the wonder man’s details off you. My “uncle” ain’t gonna move his arse to help us, he’s decided. Grr.

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