Quick Round Up

Just met the new neighbours again, this time both of them. They’re moving in tomorrow and they seem lovely. Thanks to the fact we have no fence between us they have spotted the deck and asked who did it for us as they want to put one in. They’re happy with what we’ve arranged for the aforementioned fence so things are looking good there.

Melbourne Ice lost their first game last week, maybe I’m the kiss of death. If you want to see what a committed group of people can achieve check out the results page for the game against Newcastle. We have scores updated from the rink, the game sheet uploaded, video highlights, the game broadcast and a report – all done by volunteers.

The computers in this house are being shuffled around. Rae’s old laptop has gone to her mum, the kid’s PC is back in one piece and I’ve moved my old PC to the theatre room. I’ve put the release candidate of Windows 7 on it to use it as a media PC. Any media file I download here is automatically synced via a wireless connection to the media PC, ready to watch as soon as it’s downloaded. No more converting to DivX or burning to DVD – straight from the hard drive to the telly. Bonus is you can use the 110cm telly as a widescreen monitor too. HQ clips on YouTube look fantastic.

Grass. We have more grass, and it’s green and growing. If you sit at the kitchen table it’s an optical illusion but the whole backyard looks green, I really can’t wait for the day where we say ‘go for it kids’ and let them run all over it. It’s a while off yet but we can see the (green) light at the end of the tunnel now.

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