Summer’s Last Hurrah

Mid April and the temperature gets to 28.8, just wonderful. What made it even better was Rae had taken an extra day off so we packed up the kids and took them down to Altona Beach. It was a great day for a walk along the pier, play in the park and stroll through the market.

Surely this will be summer’s last gasp, the BOM say it should be, so we’ll file away these memories to get us through until September.

Altona Beach - Tide Out
Altona Beach Pier
Walking The Pier

2 Replies to “Summer’s Last Hurrah”

  1. An amusing reference to, I think, Altona Beach, today by Danny Katz in The Age. I have only driven along it, but it looks to be a nice beach to me.

  2. Haven’t been to Altona Beach, looks lovely!
    Went to Mordialloc Beach on Monday with Feral Beast and we found an old pebble & concrete bus shelter still in existence…thought of you immediately lol.

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