Too Many

It’s too many, even for me. I’m getting a new PC tomorrow as my production machine is all but dead after a few years of hammering. It’s pretty well spec’d beast – quad core, 4GB of RAM, 640GB on the hard drive and some nice features. The thing is that when it arrives it will be the 7th computer in the house, and that’s obscene.

I have my old production machine (3 years old), my new production machine, my Windows laptop (3.5 years) and my Mac laptop (4 months). Then there’s the kids PC (about 5 years) and Rae has her new laptop and still has the old one, which is on the way to her mum before too long.

I’ll keep both my laptops and the new machine but I’m wondering what to do with the old desktop. I might wipe it and turn it in to a file server or keep it as a backup. Hmmm, it runs pretty quietly so maybe I could turn it in to a media PC for the theatre room. Whatever happens this new one will be the last PC for quite a while.

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