It’s amazing what a difference hanging your own stuff on your own walls makes. Our major project for this long weekend has been to make our home feel more of our own, and a major part of that has been finally putting up our own stuff on the walls.

First off we have hung this massive old mirror in our entrance way. It’s directly opposite my office door so it’s a bit scary seeing myself every time I leave the office but it looks great.

The Entrance

I had an idea ages ago and I’m so pleased that it turned out as well as it did, even if it is on a different wall to what I imagined. We chose 16 photos of places and things that meant a lot to us, photos that we had taken. We then had them printed in black and white, put in to frames and they now grace the dining area wall. Eventually we want to put a buffet underneath them, but they’ll do for now.

The Dining Room

And we’ve finally started getting our theatre room in place. The three movie posters (one a bit damaged ‘cause we didn’t store it properly) are along one wall. My pride and joy sits below Ferris – a ‘This theatre is equipped with Dolby Digital’ plaque that Rae bought for me five years ago. It’s been in storage waiting for the day we have our own place and now it’s up.

The Theatre Room

Next I’ll be taking a photo of the Astor’s neon sign and another of the Sun’s neon sign. We’ll have these blown up and put on the wall either side of the telly to complete the theatre room.

We’re still working on ‘homifying’ but we’ve made great strides this past week with planting seed in the backyard and getting our pictures up. There’s still a way to go but it’s really beginning to feel like our own place now.

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  1. Your house is looking great, love the way you have decorated it, the mirror, table and flowers look great, so does your theatre room. Now we look forward to seing the grass grow.

  2. I agree.

    It’s so nice to have your own special pictures up on the wall.

    We’re so lazy about it though. It takes forever for us to get something up.

    Your photos look fabulous. And I love your theater room!

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