It’s On

This time next week I’ll be jumping out of my seat with excitement – it will be the first round of the 2009 AFL season, and you know what means…

Footy Tipping!!

It’s time Miss Trish was dethroned, two years in a row is enough and now it’s time for someone else to take home the Tony Malloy Memorial Footy Tipping Trophy, right Trish? Come that one day in September will it be you standing on our (hopefully completed) deck, holding the trophy aloft and wondering where the hell you can stuff it until Grand Final day 2010?

So, come, join. Simply head to to join Tony’s Tipping. Don’t know anything about footy? Live in a foreign country? You’ll probably do better than most of us ‘experts’.

Join up, fame, glory and the world’s ugliest trophy await.


The Lonely Prize - The World's Ugliest Trophy

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