Bills and Targets

It’s been just over three months since we moved so the first round of quarterly bills has arrived. We’re pleasantly surprised that even with a much larger house the bills are comparable to what we have paid in the past, phew. It’s even better when you factor in the price rises for gas and electricity.

The one bill that surprised us was the water bill. We had the evaporative air conditioner going pretty much flat chat for a few weeks at the height of summer so were a little scared at what it would be, and how much we would have used. Well, we had nothing to worry about. Our average daily water use is 505 litres – not bad for a family our size and well below the 155 litres per person per day government target, even if you only take in to account the four elder people. Now the hottest weather has passed that should hopefully drop further.

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  1. So from the sounds of it, despite the larger size, the new house is more efficient than the old overall. Makes sense; obviously the brick is better for keeping out the heat than the weatherboard was.

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