And Here Is Where We Stop For Now

We’ve done it, we’ve reached the end of building our house. We now have a completed deck, which like all good projects was right on budget but we couldn’t be happier. It’s turned out even better than we hoped for and once we get the garden done around it our backyard will be perfect, well, for us anyway.

It’s approximately 34 square meters of outdoor space for the kids to play on, for outside dinners, a work room on a mild day and perhaps most importantly for the annual Grand Final bbq. Andrew, the builder, assures us we can have 50 people on it and we won’t feel it move. Given the care he took in building it I wouldn’t be surprised if it coped with 100.

We were going to oil it today but the conditions weren’t right, it was blowing a gale this morning with dust flying everywhere and it’s still 33 degrees out at 7:00pm, not the best temperature to be trying to get oil on. That will come tomorrow now, second coat maybe Monday and then we can have our first dinner on the deck. I can see many, many more in the years ahead.

One Deck - Complete.NEF

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  1. “Wow” that’s a better back yard!! what more can we say, it looks tremendous and we just know how much you will enjoy using it.

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