Filling One Hole, Creating Another

I wasn’t hallucinating, my tooth did hurt. I managed to get an appointment this afternoon thanks to my kind dentist who double booked me, and a couple of pain-killing tips from

It ended up I had a hole inside my tooth. After the injection (note to self: next time don’t look at the needle), some drilling, some prodding, some poking and some other-stuff-ing I have a filling that should hopefully keep the pain at bay. After she finished she said the hole was even bigger than she had thought from the x-ray and it was a good thing I went in today.

I have to go back to my dentist in Melbourne for some more exploration and if this filling doesn’t work it’s root canal or extraction. Ugh and ouch on both counts so hopefully what I had done today will work.

The hole in my tooth is now filled but another giant size one has appeared in my wallet. Any ideas on where I can get that one fixed?

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