The First ING Concrete Barrier Of Late Summer

Okay, so that title wasn’t quite as romantic as ‘The First Blossom of Spring’ but for me it marks the changing of the seasons as surely as fresh flower buds do for avid gardeners.

This morning I saw my first bit of the Grand Prix fencing being hauled on the back of a truck over the West Gate Bridge to its new Albert Park Lake home. This assisted migration of the concrete lumps means the Grand Prix, and along with it the cooler days of early autumn aren’t far away. Given that, thankfully, the Grand Prix looks like leaving our city after 2010 I wonder what will tell me the seasons are changing in 2011?

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  1. “I wonder what will tell me the seasons are changing in 2011?” Maybe the changing colour of the leaves on the trees in your street? Or the first NAB Cup match? Or the final of the national domestic cricket comp (Sheffield Shield/Pura Cup/ whatever they’ll call it in 2011)? Maybe Bert could give you a hand.

    On a related note, not long now until you can start looking forward to season 2009 with the same optimism with which you are currently looking forward to season 2008! I know – that’s rich coming from a St Kilda supporter 😉

    Hope your tooth is feeling better and your wallet recovers soon.

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