Tell Me

Tell me, please, that that crucifying ache in my back teeth which is stopping me from concentrating on anything for more than 5 seconds is a good sign.

Oh my god it hurts. I just know this ain’t gonna end well…

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  1. It’s not a good sign, sir. On the plus side, if you wait long enough, the nerve will die then it won’t hurt anymore. (If you want to save the tooth without root canal, however, do not delay, get thee to a dentist. If you want a recommendation for a very very good and astonishingly reasonably priced one, let me know. I just had two complicated fillings for $220, which is the least I;ve ever paid, and have had zero pain since, despite a *much* more expensive mouth-quack assuring me I needed root canal).

  2. I was a brave boy Kathy and went off to see the dentist. Ended up costing me $120.00 all up after the private health insurance did its bit. I just hope it’s enough to avoid root canal further down the track.

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