Getting It Right

We seemed to have got Christmas right this year. In years past we’ve been rushing to and fro and boxing day; our place, Rae’s grand parents, my mum – spread out over a couple of hundred kilometres. Christmas and Boxing Day have disappeared in blurs of cars, hugs, presents and then more cars. The kids got to see their presents for a few minutes before heading off and no one got any rest.

This year we did things differently. We headed up to Shepp for the weekend prior to Christmas and had dinner on the Saturday at my sister’s place. Saturday and Sunday we spent at mum’s and while she got her fill of grandchildren goodness  while we read the paper, watched a bit of telly and just relaxed.

Early Christmas Dinner Nana Feeding Henry
Christmas At Mums

Monday we gave the place a bit of a clean in preparation for the big day and thankfully, as we’d been organised, didn’t have any last minute dashes to the shops or last minute wrapping of presents to do. We tried to be good with presents for the kids this year, just one or two really good presents and that was it but by the time nana and friends presents were added the tree looked obscenely overloaded. Something to work on next year.

The Present Stack

Christmas day turned out to be possibly the best we’ve had together. Zita and Rob came over in the morning for presents – Bert was especially fun to watch  as this year was his first really understanding what was going on. It’s going to be fantastic in two years when Henry and Kennedy can join in. Rae’s nana joined us later in the morning for the traditional roast lunch.

Uncle RobThe New Present 
Phee and Bert On Christmas Day Brother and Sister Enjoy A Drink

Even though I’m the dad I didn’t get to claim my traditional snooze, instead we all sat outside and watched Phee and Bert chase bubbles around the back yard. Later on there was a board game for Phee before leftovers for dinner. Ah, Christmas, how my waistline despises you.

Of all the odd ways to finish off Christmas day we spent it watching a horror film. Well, more of a horror mini-series. Rae had received ‘It‘ on DVD and for some reason we all thought that seemed like a good one to put on to round out the festive day. Twenty minutes in Phee was sent screaming from the room after her act of bravado was shredded by one scary clown. And to think she wants to watch Poltergeist….

Boxing Day was a perfect day weather wise. I know that people who know me won’t believe this but I spent most of it outside. The one stupid tree we have in the back yard gave me enough shade to sit reading History’s Worst Decisions and the People Who Made Them. I had my iPod and my camera with me, just lovely.

My Boxing Day Bella Says Hello The View From The Blanket

More leftovers, more relaxing and to finish the night the Doctor Who Christmas special, hot off the PC. What a perfect two days.

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  1. Sounds like a terrific way to spend Chrissy! Ours was pretty relaxed too, I am happy to say. First time in ages there was no stress for a lot of people I think.

  2. Looks like a corker! I got the same book (the one under the Pod). It’s like a legitimate version of Who Magazine that you can read in public and not feel like a bimbo.

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