Sign Inside

Normally when I take photos of old signs around Melbourne they are on the outside of buildings.

Last night Zita came over to give Rae and a little ‘grown up’ time. We headed around to the Famous Blue Raincoat for a drink and on the way saw that Triple J Cellars was moving from one shop to the new building next door. The old shop dates back to the 50s and I found some great old signs that hadn’t been touched in years.

My guess is that the two McWilliam’s signs are 50s era originals, as is the ‘Jet Air Door’ above the door, and the rest in the slide show date from the 70s and 80s. They’ll all be gone over the next couple of days as the place is gutted for its next occupants; I wonder if any of their fittings will be around for someone to photograph in 2057?

McWilliams Cream Sherry

McWilliams Cream Port 

(If you are reading this in a feed reader you may be  missing out on the slide show of a few more signs from the shop that I’ve embedded . Check the post on my site.)

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  1. Indoor signs are good! I do love old shop fittings, but sadly they seem to be endangered. I was fortunate enough to have “a real” fish and chip shop around the corner, complete with TAB adverts and the original Chiko roll girl on the wall. They had pickled onions in a jar on the orange counter, wood paneled walls and green and white linoleum on the floor. It was recently renovated and now has shmick black tiles and stainless steel counters. Sad times.

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