Local Television

One of the pleasures of watching television filmed in your city is looking at the background and trying to figure out where scenes were shot. “Hang on, that’s….” or “Oh! I know that….”

We were watching this week’s episode of the Melbourne based City Homicide when they stuck up a map of the murder scene on the evidence wall.

“Hang on…that’s our neighbourhood!” It was mapped out, street names and all. A little later Wolfe’s wife made a phone call from just outside an abandoned fish and chip shop we walk by all the time, which was all good and well,  but then what came next was a bit of a shock.

Apparently this week’s victim was bludgeoned to near death in front of the ice cream selection in our local milk bar. It’s going to be hard not to think of this as I lean over to get my next Bubble-O-Bill.

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