Election Decision

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the election this weekend. Indeed it’s been hard not to with advertisements wallpapering every ad break. Even for someone who really doesn’t watch that much television they have seemed inescapable. I wonder how they will influence my choice?

On one side you have the new boys, offering a fresh take. It seems more sideshow than politics and is a blatant populist plug. One of their rivals has taken notice and done a bit of ‘me tooing’ with ads that make them both look remarkably similar. It’s all flash, dash and no talk of content.

On the other hand there’s my preference. Old, some would say even staid, and seemingly comfortable in keeping with all that I’ve admired about them in the past. No groovy multimedia extravaganzas for them, just runs on the board and two strong incumbents comfortable in the knowledge that they can always depend upon we true supporters returning.

So, yes, I will be spurning the new approach of 7 and 9 and will be watching the ABC coverage on election night. Kerry and Antony get my vote every time.

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