Everything Old Is Online Again

Two great discoveries yesterday, one of which has been one of my holy grails for almost two decades.

First up a comment on Andrew’s blog sent me in the direction of Fading Victoria where Rowan Crowe is documenting historical sites in danger of disappearing as Melbourne expands. I have a fascination with old signs so finding a site like this is just wonderful. I can’t wait to see what else Rowan comes up with, and I need to go and take photos of the signs he’s pointed out to me.

The second find is just amazing. For years I’ve wanted to track down a copy of the ABC’s station close from the late 1980s. I have great memories of staying up just that little bit longer to catch the close and can remember being incredibly disappointed when the ABC went 24 hours. I honestly thought I would never see it again until a chance discovery on a comment on YouTube lead me to Frankster – an amazingly helpful man who not only had a copy of the exact close I was after, he went to the trouble of uploading it for me. Anybody else out there remember with fondness how the ABC closed down for the night in 1988? Having watched it again I’d love to find out what the music is, any guesses?

Frankster, I can’t thank you enough. You’ve made this ’80s boy a very happy man.

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