I’m A Snob- And Of The Worst Type

Billie Piper wowed all of us geek b0ys with her turn as Rose in Dr Who (well, more so the first season than the second when she turned into a bit of an overbearing prat) so it was with more than a little interest I read she was starring as Belle in the television adaptation of Belle de Jour. I mean, a Doctor’s companion in sexy knickers – what’s not to like?

Daniel emailed me this evening to point out that Channel 9 have picked up the local rights. I emailed him back and said “I torrented the first episode but it was only video quality in 4:3 so  I didn’t bother with the rest”.

He pointed out (quite rightly) that I’m a video snob. For my sins I’m going to go and watch the spare analogue television in mono.

I give myself five minutes max.

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  1. Geebus. They’re MOVIEFYING that tripe?

    Noooooo… Billie! It’ll ruin what small credit you’ve regained after the tragic “Honey to the Bee”, don’t do it!

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