The Search Is Over

It’s taken a decade but the search is finally over, and just as I despaired I would never find success.

I have found good boxers again.

Many years ago I found the perfect boxer shorts. Made by Naji they were cotton, didn’t disappear where they shouldn’t and were cheap. Of course, just as I found boxer nirvana Naji went out of business. Thus began a decade of wandering from brand to brand, never quite finding the perfect one, until this week.

I saw a Harris Scarfe catalogue this week and they had Mitch Dowd boxers on sale at basically a third of the normal price. Rae was out and about this week so she picked me up a pair to try and they are perfect. They are everything the Naji boxers were and then some which is why I was standing outside Harris Scarfe at Highpoint this morning, waiting for the shutters to go up.

There are 12 pair in the wash now, that should do me for a while although I am tempted to head back and clear them out completely. I’ve learnt my lesson the hard way and if it means buying a lifetime supply now then that’s what I’m going to have to do.

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  1. I know how you feel. It took me two times to learn my lesson – my problem was winter flannelette pyjamas with sleeves and legs long enough to cover my arms and legs rather than just my elbows and knees. The first fantastic pair were from Peter Alexander, who are still in business but obviously decided it was better to make a pattern for short people. Then I found some from Myer from a brand called Givoni. This time around I bought two pairs, which lasted quite a while but this last winter I went to find some more and sure enough Givoni don’t seem to make them anymore. If I EVER find another brand that is long enough I’m buying at least a dozen pairs. Maybe by the time they wear out I’ll be older and will have shrunk a bit!

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