10% Ours

Today was 10% day – we now own 10% of the land we put the deposit on a month or so ago. It looks like there’s no turning back , and we probably agreed to as much in the mountain load of papers we’ve signed over the past week. I know buying land is bad for your bank balance, thanks for the rate rise today too, but I had no idea it could also give you RSI.

Hopefully, when we get around to it, our builders won’t try what the guys across the road did this morning. Firing up the cement mixers for the slab pour is not very polite at 6.00am, especially when car doors start slamming at 5.45. After a visit from the council building inspector (I wonder which concerned citizen’s wife called them?) we’re hoping it won’t happen again.

5 Replies to “10% Ours”

  1. Building sites are supposed to be closed until Thursday. As well as being scum for the early morning noise, they are perhaps scabs too. What is it with building workers that they want to get up so early and go to work?

  2. Your builders will start at 6.00am and you will not care – they won’t be waking you up…

  3. I don’t know Veronica, if the rent goes up much more on this place we may have to pitch a tent down the back of the block.

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