Things That Made Me Grumpy On The Way Home Today

Idiot Van Driver is first off the ranks. I thought I’d cut through South Melbourne to avoid the gigantic mess that is the Kings Way on ramp to the Westgate Freeway. All was going well until I turned in to Montague St and the traffic stopped dead. I crawled for five minutes until I saw the flashing lights – one set being the flashing red of a ‘you are too tall to get under this bridge’ warning sign and the other being the flashing blue of a divvy van pulled up behind a truck and its driver who decided to ignore the first set of flashing lights. Idiot.

Second is people who use mobile phones while driving. Come on people. Stop it. Just stop it. There is no excuse. If they can make red light cameras, speed cameras and point to point cameras then surely we can make an ‘idiot who thinks talking to their best friend while holding on to the phone and driving is perfectly okay’ camera. If I wasn’t driving myself I would have snapped at least five on the way home today.

Third it’s smokers. And Ebayers. More specifically Ebayers who are smokers. I bought a book off Ebay today (an old web project management book if you’re interested) and as soon as I dropped it on to the passenger seat after retrieving it from the PO Box the stench hit me. When I rule the world (some time soon, but don’t hold your breath as I’m a bit busy at the moment) all Ebayers who smoke, or store their stuff in a smokey place, will have to say so in the product description.

Phew. That feels better. Now roll on the long weekend.

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