Golly, Gee It’s Gout Again

It was 3.00am when I realised what was going and it was a sleepy Rae who pointed it out. I was lying on the couch trying to ignore the pain in my toe wondering how I’d broken it when Rae stumbled out and pointed out the obvious – “It’s not Gout again is it?”

Of course. Sudden on set, located in my big toe, excruciating pain (I couldn’t even tolerate the pressure of a cotton sheet) and swelling/hot toe – every classic symptom of gout. I’ve been to the doctor and have the wonderful yellow pills that are making everything better (such a lovely warm glow after taking them). I’m taking his advice directly which was to sit down with my foot up and watch the footy. He’s a good doctor that one.

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  1. Gout? Isn’t that what old men who wear stubbies and wife-beaters get when they turn 80 and have been drinking 24 pots a day since they were 11 years old?

    Nice effort!!

  2. You got it in one Marika.

    Three greatest causes/triggers of gout :

    1) Drinking. Nope. I average about 1 stubbie of beer a week.

    2) Purine rich foods. Tripe – as if! I’ve never eaten as healthy in my life as I am now and if I’d just eat fruit Rae would give me a gold star.

    3) Overweight. I’ve lost about 4kgs since the start of the year and have started and stuck to almost daily exercise.

    I guess this just makes me ‘special’. Sigh.

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