A Very Good Friday

Ah, what a good day.

We started out this morning on a journey to Ascot Vale to try and hunt down the sign that Jen mentioned ages ago. We pulled in to the street and then I had a flash – we needed to be elsewhere!

I pointed the car east and we headed to Richmond to Tho Tho’s for a great Vietnamese lunch. It’s been years since I was a regular there but the waiter recognised me straight away, I even got a hand shake and a welcome back. Better yet, the food was still great. You really can’t go past Tho Tho’s rice paper rolls.

After a snack lunch (and a beer for me) we went for a walk but rather than wander the back streets of Richmond we popped around to one of Melbourne’s great treasures, the Fitzroy Gardens. We found a great area at the top where we sat and lay on the grass for a while.

Bert couldn’t quite get the hang of rolling down hill so I scooped him up and we went rolling together. Man it was fun, he was screaming and giggling with unrestrained joy. However when we stopped I discovered why grown ups generally don’t roll down hills any more – my head wouldn’t stop spinning. Phee took over instruction and the two of them rolled/spun/ran down the slope for ages.

We wandered down to the far bottom corner and grabbed an ice cream each for the stroll back to the car via the fairy tree and model Tudor village. Phee had had enough by this time and was dragging her heels but not even a surly girl could bring us down after a glorious afternoon in the sun and fresh air and, as a bonus, we’ve still got Ascot Vale to explore on another day.

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