One Of My Own Kind

I got a huge surprise shopping at Altona Gate today. I was walking along with Bert and Phee when I noticed a woman in front of me wearing a sport top.

Hmmmm. That Reebok logo placement looks familiar.

Hmmm. That side design looks familiar.

Hmmmmm. (By now she’s a few metres ahead and has just turned around to head downstairs on a travelator thingy).

Hey! She’s a Canucks fan and that’s a brand new practice jersey!

To get how weird this is imagine you’re a Tigers supporter and had moved to a suburb of Vancouver and noticed some walking towards you wearing a Tigers jumper.

I called out to her, pointed to the Canucks t-shirt I was wearing and she came back up to have a chat. Ends up she was just back from Vancouver and had purchased it at GM place where she caught a couple of games. She’d also purchased a game worn jersey – but not just any jersey, it was one of our captain’s, Marcus Naslund.

I’m sure the lovely shade of envy-green I have gone will wear off within a month or so.

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