This Post Is Brought To You By

….my new PC.

Yep, thanks to a bit of recently completed work I managed to put enough aside to update my 4 year old PC. The 0ld PC was beginning to show its age whenever I played with graphics or video and while a rebuild would have helped a little there wasn’t much more I could do to get the grunt I wanted.

Now I’ve got an Intel Core 2 6300 1.8GHz, 2 GB of RAM and a 320GB sata hard drive as my primary machine. And it’s good. And fast. I am stunned at how quickly it will convert files to DivX – no longer real time it’s about 40% faster and I can continue to use the PC without it skipping a beat so I don’t have to stop work while I convert shows.

I added a TV card too, it’s great to wave the remote at the box and have television pop up and I can see I’ll get a bit of use for it next year when the footy is on and I have to work. Even with this setup there’s room for improvement down the track. I can add a much better graphics card and increase the memory up to 8GB so I’m hoping to get another 4 years out of this one.

Best thing, however, that I did was to buy a silent fan/power supply. Now I can leave a torrent going overnight or we can watch television without an accompaniment of high pitched screeching. The screecher is sitting by the side of the desk waiting for Phee to keep her room clean. Should hell freeze over it’s all hers.

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