There’s Always Next Year

I’ve stopped crying now so I guess I can write about it. A poor performance in the last round means there is no September action. No, I’m not talking about Richmond’s 9th placing, I’m talking about the footy tipping.

With six people in a position to win the final round’s tipping called for cool heads to prevail but it seems all of us but one went for an outside tip, or two. It was Miss Marita who kept her head, tipped the obvious choices and came home with a stunning round of 8 to sit two clear on top. Runners up were Rae and Nigel – the Englishman who doesn’t know what a footy looks like but is constantly hovering around the top of the tipping comp. I’m so glad Nigel didn’t win, posting him the trophy would have bankrupted us.

Congratulations Miss Marita – our first two time winner. The World’s Ugliest Trophy will be presented on Grand Final day. I’m sure you’ve cleared a place on your mantel for it already.

The Lonely Prize - The World's Ugliest Trophy

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  1. Actually, when I trawled the archives to find out what I would win, I deliberately threw the last round. But congrats to Miss Marita.

  2. Why should Marita have to wait until Grand Final Day to collect her trophy. I am more than willing to personally deliver it now!

    Just get it out of my house!

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