Give Me Back My Daily Bread

I am bereft – my toast has been discontinued. What am I to do? George Western Foods, in their infinite wisdom, have ‘deleted’ Noble Rise Crunchy White Toast from their Noble Rise range. It was the best toast bread at the supermarket and now I’m stuck with thin, non-crunchy bits of bread that are called ‘toast’ but pale in comparison.

So, now I have a dilemma – do I start working my way through all the brands of ‘toast’ bread at the supermarket or do I simply switch back to cereal after 20 years of vegemite or peanut butter on toast?

6 Replies to “Give Me Back My Daily Bread”

  1. visit the bakery, buy a unsliced loaf of vienna bread and cut it as trhick as your toaster can handle.

  2. Ditto Steve. That’s what I do. Or invest in your own breadmaker which is just as good (better sometimes, depending on the mix).

  3. I am also suitably morose following the swift withdrawal of the best goddamn toasting bread in the country. I have half a loaf in the freezer, so i will make sure i savour every last slice. Presumably it was withdrawn because there weren’t enough people like us buying it.

  4. Here I was thinking I was the only one.. I have changed supermarkets twice, trying to buy that bread. Now I have to go back to making my own. Drat…..

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