Under Old Management – Cut Paw Paw Cafe in Yarraville Is Back!

Late last year I lamented the loss of one of our two favourite cafes, The Cut Paw Paw in Yarraville. We tried it again a couple of times after that but as you can see in the comments on that post a few people agreed with me.

Well, I am happy to report that Cut Paw Paw is returning to its former self – Leo and the original staff are back!

It turns out that Leo had only leased the place for a year while he travelled around the world. I had a brief chat with him this morning and he fully realises what has happened to his business and the job he has ahead to resurrect it. While The Coat will always be our number one it’s great to know that we again have somewhere to go when we make our excursions to Yarraville.

Welcome back Leo, it’s good to have you and Paw Paw back.

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