The Struggle

It’s the closest year we’ve yet to have – and six people are still in the running for The Worlds Ugliest Trophy. Rae and Marita are locked together on 108 with Catboy (sorry Rob, you’ll always be Catboy to me!), Nigel, myself and Tim on 107. And just like the AFL the locals at the top are under threat from foreign invaders – Nigel is in England and, to my knowledge, has never seen a full game of AFL and Tim, a recent convert from Canada, is yet to figure out exactly when you can and can not yell out ‘ball!’ at a game – although he’s learning quick.

So, what to do if there is a tie? I’m open to suggestions and as I have no idea what the hell is going on about with ‘Adjusted Margin’ and ‘Cumulative Margin’ I’m thinking a golden-goal type playoff during the finals.


I was thinking that any on a tie for the lead after the final home and away match go in to a ‘new’ competition for the finals – tipping each round until a winner emerges. If it’s still a tie at Grand Final stage then it’s winner and margin.

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  1. I like your thinking. A finals playoff would be interesting.

    Anything to get that UGLY trophy out of my house!

  2. A finals playoff would be very interesting. But in case of a tie just declare the competition a no contest and let last years winner keep the trophy.

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