That’s how ‘warm’ it is outside at 11.17am. 7.2 degrees. Explains why the heater is on on full, why our gas bill will be through the roof this quarter and why I have to return to work soon, whether (weather?) I want to or not.

Time to catch up on some bookwork now, time and the ATO wait for no man. Bert’s sitting in his high chair next to me snacking down on a late morning tea, still in his pyjamas ’cause he’s so snug and warm and undressing him in our bathroom today would be just plain cruel. Besides, my fingers are so numb I’d probably drop the poor boy.

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  1. 7.2 how lucky are you, we have reached the dizzy hieghts of 6.4 at 11.50, any wonder the boy has spent a total of 1 hour out of bed today and the rest asleep under his toasty blankets..sounds like a good idea actully..

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