The Continuing Saga

I did break my toe. And at some other stage I’ve fractured bones in my foot. And I’ve damaged a tendon. And my toe nail fell off.

I don’t like my left foot very much, but some orthopaedic surgeon out there will shortly be able to put their next child through a very expensive private school.

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  1. Yow. Tony’s Left Foot.
    I reckon I broke my toe at about age 9 playing Murder in the Dark. I stumbled into a coffee table. Can you figure out a way that we can sign your cast via the internet? (…oops, maybe I’m jumping the gun – will there BE a cast?)

  2. That’s pretty impressive, but what I’m about to tell you may make you wince. And kiddies, don’t try this at home!

    My father-in-law was a truck driver. One day while unloading his truck of 44 gallon drums, an able bodied labourer at the delivery site decided to help him. The full 44 got a bit ahead of this lad and he dropped it – on my FIL’s foot. He was wearing safety boot but there is only so much protection a boot can afford you. He finished his trips for the day and went home. The NEXT day he goes to the doctor. He walks into the surgery under his own steam. He understated the level of injury, but on receipt of the xrays the doctor almost fell off his seat. There were several broken bones (big and small) and it would have felled many a lesser man.

    Good luck with the repairs! And try not to think too much about the private school thing!

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