Day One

Well, we’re all still alive and happy so I guess my first day as a stay at home dad can’t have been that disastrous. Pah, who am I kidding – we all did well. Highlights included my paper delivery starting, Bert deciding that morning and afternoon naps were entirely optional and a spectacular poo in place of said afternoon nap. I got some clothes washing done, a bit of housework, some web site development and between kindly relatives checking I (or maybe the kids) were okay and a client wanting to go over her entire new site I spent an hour on the phone. It’s now 8:10 and I’m completely buggered. It’s a bit of a shock to the system when for the past however many years you’ve sat a keyboard for eight hours a day – and that sure is a lot easier on the back.

Exhaustion and ache aside I couldn’t be happier. I know there are sure to be bad days ahead but getting that huge smile when he just wakes up, I wouldn’t swap it for anything.

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