Another Recommendation

I’ve a pretty good track record over the past year when it comes to ‘finding’ television shows before they air here. Lost, the first season of Desperate Housewives, Carnivale, Rome, Veronica Mars and the magnificent Deadwood. Now that’s not too bad a list so trust me when I tell you that you have to watch Life On Mars when/if it screens on the ABC. It’s a bit tricky to describe so here’s what the site has to say :

Sam Tyler [is] a driven and ambitious young detective, determined to keep the streets of 21st Century Manchester safe. But after a near fatal car accident, he wakes up, dazed and confused, in 1973. Has he gone back in time? Is he in a coma? Or has he simply gone insane?

Even that doesn’t do it justice, just trust me.

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  1. He’s done it again!! That’s all I can say.

    ‘Life On Mars’ is indeed a great show. After one episode I can say the characters are interesting, the storyline twisted and interesting enough to make me want to go back for ep2.

    The costumes and the cars are great too!

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