Hey Sport

This time of the year I’m half way through my Canucks season. This year it’s been up and down, we’ll probably make the playoffs but not make it past the 1st round. Again. Sigh.

The tragic thing is that even I love my ‘nucks and listen to every game I possibly can (and there’s 82 in the regular season so that’s a commitment!) my mind is already turning to footy. It’s still two months until it starts but every day I check the Tigers site for news and I scan the sports section each morning hoping that footy will start it’s climb back to being the only thing in print rather than one page stuck behind the cricket and the two weeks a year of tennis that we have to suffer through.

And just to show how tragic I am here’s a list of Tiger related stuff I can see without moving from my chair in the office.

  • Alarm clock
  • 2005 Membership stickers
  • 2006 Membership sticker
  • 1970s logo stickers
  • Photo of Punt Road sign saying ‘This Is Tigerland’
  • Membership card for this year
  • Stubby holder (with stubby)
  • Pen
  • Radio
  • Wrist band
  • Membership letter
  • My photo with the team
  • Flag
  • Three tiger caps
  • Desk flag
  • Bert’s first tiger jumper
  • Stuffed tiger
  • Photo of Andrew Kellaway (on Rae’s desk)\

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