A Rewarding Coffee

Well, it took me almost a year but I drank enough Hudsons Coffee to get my free travel mug. Two take away tall lattes on Sunday morning pushed me over the edge and now I have a shiny Hudsons beaker sitting on the bench that I will probably never use. Thing is the only time I buy coffee at Hudsons is when I’m in Shepparton as there’s none around where I work or live so it’s going to take a while to get a matching one for Rae.

A slightly better reward came our way via Fly Buys last week when we got a new digital cordless phone. Our old cordless was beginning to feel its age and its range was diminishing by the day but with more pressing budget concerns it was on our list of ‘things we’d really like to have but will have to wait a long time for”. Now, thanks to a special offer, I can walk around the house sipping my coffee from a stainless steel beaker. Ain’t life grand.

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