Catching A Train Catching Up

It was public transport day today as my car was in for its 45K service. After Rae dropped me off in the morning the plan was to catch the train home and pick my car on the way. It’s an hour or so trip door to door so I packed my iPod, looking forward to sitting back and catching up on some podcasts. The last time I planned on catching the train and taking my pod I ended being laid up in bed with gout.

Thankfully there was no repeat episode today so I walked down to the station, listening to EarthCore. Standing on the station I was hassled by some young guy. I pressed pause most reluctantly, thinking he was someone who was going to invite to a prayer meeting (where have all those people gone?) but he was just looking for Swinny.

As I finished pointing him in the right direction I noticed a guy standing there in a blue shirt grinning at me. “Great”, I thought, “the prayer people have found me after all.”. It was then I realised this guy was actually my great friend Mark. He was doing some relief teaching at a school just around the corner and was heading off to check out a new place to live. I wonder if the Germans have a word for “happy coincidence that occurs on a train platform that once again prevents you from listening to your pod”.

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