And So, We’re Back To This

Bert is now four weeks old, and while I should be happy we’ve all made it to a month without going mad from sleep deprivation I’m finding it hard to raise a smile this afternoon because tomorrow I have to go back to work.

Yes, the time has come. Even though I love my job, I’ve got lots of exciting projects underway at the moment and I work with a great bunch of people who it will be good to see again I don’t want to leave my boy. Sigh. What a sad sap I am. I guess I’ll have more than my fair share of time next year when I’m going to be a stay at home dad but he’s changing day by day now. Ah well, I guess it will make getting home all the sweeter.

The last couple of days we spent up in Shepp so mum could show off Bert and the relations who hadn’t seem him down here could finally get to see him. (Of course, this was a great excuse to add a heap more photos to Flickr) The town is changing so much there’s very little left of what makes Shepp Shepp to me so this summer I’m heading up there for a weekend with my trusty camera in tow to try and get pictures of what’s left of my memories.

And now I’m back at work and we try to settle in to some sort of routine I’ll get back to blogging some more. Promise.

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