I can’t believe how something as silly as a game of football can affect my moods. Last week we won and it was a great weekend, I was floating around the house all Sunday and nothing could bring me down.

Today we were humiliated after playing a fantastic first quarter. We left early and scowled all the way home in the rain. I’m snapping and dark on everyone and everything, not even the prospect of a lovely roast cooked by Rae can bring sunshine in to my day.

All this because of something that happened over which I have no control and that, in the grand scheme of things, means nothing at all.

Stupid Tigers. Bring on the hockey.

6 Replies to “Bugger”

  1. Tony,

    We Saints have been the whipping boys of league for decades. Surely you don’t begrudge us a good season. With a solitary flag to adorn our walls it’s about time we came of age!

  2. Now you know how us Carlton supporters feel…
    atleast we can last until the final siren, no matter how bad it is going!

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