I Demand A Recount

Foxtel is in its dying days here, a victim of it’s expense and complete lack of anything worth watching. We did however find one thing yesterday, the AFI’s 100 Years – 100 Songs.

It was a doco on the 100 greatest songs from the movies. I was too tired to stay for the end but I had to look up the list before heading off to bed and when I read it I was outraged!

How on earth could ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ come in at number 1 and leave the greatest, most sublime piece of movie musical magic languishing at number 3. Yes, ‘Singin In The Rain’ came in third place behind ‘As Time Goes By’.

I demand a recount and this travesty of just to be rectified immediately. Every one knows you have to have rain before you can have a rainbow.

And speaking of rain, don’t even get me started on ‘Purple Rain’ not being in the list.

3 Replies to “I Demand A Recount”

  1. Oh, I completely agree there. That Wizard of Oz thing is just sinful. There are so many other songs that are so much better – but it’s because of Judy Garland that it’s touted as being the best. Blergh. Give me Non Nobis Domine from Henry V any day.

  2. Hmmm … things will probably change when they redo the chart for the same programme 3 months down the line.

    I’m waiting for the “Top 100 ‘Top 100 Programmes’ of All Time’ – it won’t be long before there’s enough.

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