A Good Morning

Ah, great news to wake up to this morning : hockey is back! The dispute that lead to the cancellation of the entire 2004/05 season has been, in principle, resolved so my Canucks will be back on the ice in a few months.

Now I will finally get to use the little broadcasting unit I purchased at the end of the 2003/04 season so I can listen to the live stream on any radio in the house; I won’t be tied to my PC for the duration of each game. Phee will also have good reason to wear her first Canucks jersey, that conveniently turned up in the mail from Canada yesterday, and Albert/Kennedy can sit on my lap wearing their Canucks jump suit as I explain to them that icing is not just what they will have on their birthday cake.

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  1. And about bloody time those idiots got the game back on track. Not the athletes who just want to play the game but their greedy managers and the greedy owners. The backlash will be there, in spades, I bet. Baseball has found out to its dismay, it loses fans when strikes occur. As will the NHL, sure enough.

    Yeah, the Canucks are a decent team. But watch out for Ottawa too 🙂 That’s my home team. Let’s hope the goalie can stop the puck this year 😛

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