Dreamworks On The Bay

Apart from using a name Mr Spielberg and Co may be interested in it seems that Dreamworks On The Bay printing services (even from USB drives) in Hervey Bay took on the wrong person when they apparently mistreated the lovely Miss Beth and M.

There’s more information for you to read on her Dreamworks On The Bay information page.


Here’s the response from Dreamworks. Are they saying Beth is lying? I guess I’ll have to wait for the appropriate action to be taken before I get a chance to ask. And why didn’t they sign off with a name? :

PLease be advised that at no stage was a quote requested, this is an every day service at an every day price.In fact this lady advised that at the library the cost was 50 cents per copy, provide your own paper, so she was well aware of the costings associated with this service.
In the event that we find any adverse comments made in the public arena, appropriate action will be taken.
No further correspondence will be entered into untill that time if it may arise

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  1. Grrr. I have just got back from a weekend away – I find it odd that they replied to you – I haven’t heard a peep out of them and I’ve emailed them twice!
    (Googling Dreamworks on the Bay brings up this very entry – so that is a good thing!)

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