Not A Patch On The Tigers Of Now

Growing up as a Tiger supporter back when the AFL was the VFL I came to love my Tiger symbol – the tiger striding in front of the yellow sash on a black background on a shield with Tigers – Richmond Football Club above it. They flirted with a stylised Tiger head in the early 90s (words can not express how much I dislike that era) and now the club uses a magnificent tiger head image.

But nothing says Tigers to me more than that old shield. To me, it’s the true Tiger emblem from our most recent glory days so you can imagine how happy I was when my wonderful gal found this.

VFL Tiger patch.

It’s going on my winter jacket, opposite the new Tiger logo.

3 Replies to “Not A Patch On The Tigers Of Now”

  1. Great badge. And while on the topic of football, I know you’ve had more pressings issues recently, but will you be setting up a footy tipping comp for the coveted vase/trophy this year?
    Go the Sainters!

  2. I still have a Lions keyring with a similar shield with “Fitzroy Football Club” on it. I have now put that on my car keyring.

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