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  1. oh bum, I’m really sad that the international village has gone. Had many a happy picnic there. Sniff … the price of progress i guess.

    And I will happily accept your “shade over 100 steps” assessment. But gosh, it seemed like a whole lot more at age 10!

  2. Love the pic too! All this Shepp talk is making me realise I have no memory of ever having been there … Will remedy that one day.

  3. Oh wow Viv, you know your stuff.

    From memory there were a shade over 100 steps – it’s closed on weekends now so I’ll have to wait for the next week day trip to join in the argument.

    The International Village has gone (I blogged about it a couple of months back). A group wants to build a botanic gardens there, the council want housing around the moat. And it’s no longer out of Shepp – houses are right around it now.

  4. Oh that brings back memories! My frequent childhood trips to Shepp would always involve a climb up the tower (it seemed huge!) and an accompanying argument with my brother about the number of steps in the processs.

    And my other favorite place was the International Village park just outside Shepp (I think). Does it still exist?

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