10 Replies to “I Like Both Sorts”

  1. You should watch the Country Music Channel on Foxtel Digital (if you’ve got it) or Austar (if your folks in Shepparton have it) they have a lot of good country music stuff on it and none of the crap that they played on 3SR when I was a kid. As for country artists I recommend Gillian Welch, Lucinda Williams, Cyndi Boste, Git, Lisa Miller, Kasey Chambers, Wilco/Uncle Tupelo, amongst others.

  2. Like you didn’t watch the concert for Slim.

    The Dixie Chicks rock…..Long time gone, Travelling Soldier…the list goes on….

  3. i am slightly embarrassed to say, but the dixie chicks rock!
    you gotta love a band with a song called “white trash wedding”!

  4. Tony,

    Like all people who like both Country and Western – you should take a listen to the current crop of country singers that are around. As mentioned you can’t go past Lucinda Williams, Ryan Adams and then there is Melinda Schneider (one hot chick!!), adam brand, Becky Cole. I could go on forever. My all time favourite is Unanswered Prayers – Garth Brooks.


  5. Nothing beats Kenny Rogers (yes, dag I am). Lucile. Desperado. Yes, love him.

    Oh, and Garth Brooks. Rodeo, Friends in Low Places, The Dance, Beaches of Cheyenne. Love him too.

    And Keith Urban – but only because he’s cute and I’m a fickle female.

  6. Golly, but you’ve left out some rippers! What about Witchata Lines Man? By The Time I get To Phoenix? Your Cheatin’ Heart? China Doll? Shiloh? Ring Of Fire? Folsom Prison Blues?
    -And so on. And on. Crikey!

    What do you think of this:

    “Shiloh when I was young
    I didn’t have much brain
    I used the ladies dun
    Thought we were all the same.
    All the same!”

    A little parody, from R.H. I’ve done it, the whole thing!

  7. Well, I’m assuming you’re either;
    a) not a Lucinda Williams fan; or
    b) you are a Lucinda Williams fan (a far better scenario) but categorise her under ‘alt country’ rather than ‘country and western’
    …i can only hope ;oP

  8. I vote for Ryan Adams & Whiskeytown. Probably more rockabilly than pure c&w but weird that I even listen to that right now. But then, some of the stuff Beck does is very close to c&w. I’m a freak!

  9. I’m partial to a little Johnny Cash… Boy Named Sue, One Piece At A Time, your number 3, etc.

    Other than that, it ain’t my favourite genre by any means.

    Wait, what about the stuff the Blues Bros played?

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