Ho Ho, Let’s Go

Don’t tell us we can’t learn! Last year we took Phee to see Santa and spent a lovely hour standing in line, moving a centimetre every minute. It was hot, there were kids, there were pushy parents. Festive cheer all around.

This year (and we think Phee is only playing along to hedge her bets to make sure she gets something) we were in Myer as the doors opened. We headed straight to the 5th floor and were third in line. By the time we made it through the oversized Santa mouth (looking amazingly like Jack Nicholson from The Shining, “Heeeeeeeeeere’s Santa!”) the line was at least 20 deep behind us. Santa’s Not So Little Elf who was taking the photos commented we must have been before to know to get in so early. Apparently the wait can get up to 2 hours at peak time. As it was Santa was already reaching to turn on his fan as soon as we walked in.

We’d also received some vouchers for Myer recently so we’ve decided to get proper solid based, conducting pots and pans. We picked up a 20cm pot this morning and will get the matching 16cm when they are taken off the pallet some time during the week. Major reason we’ll go back is the young kid who served us. He knew what he was talking about, he went out of his way to help and offered us good advice. Totally opposite to the two attendants in the bridal registry, where it seems Myer only employ their snootiest, most indifferent staff members. Looks like you’ll be getting something not from Myer Michael, those two really gave us the shits.

And what’s a trip to town without a quick visit to JB Hi Fi. And what’s a visit to JB Hi Fi without finding hundreds of dollars worth of DVDs you can’t live without? We were lucky we escaped with only minor damage. I picked up Lord Of The Rings – Return Of The King and Rae got season 6 of Buffy, in the cool boxes to match the first five seasons, for only $40. Now all we need is to find season 7 in the boxes to complete the set. And the money to pay for them.

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  1. It’s funny, I’ve never had anything but problems with Myer Melbourne registery staff. Next time I’ll head to Chaddy and rest assured we’d done our research – found a great pots and pans website, that of course I can’t find the link to now, which had us feeling like experts as we hefted copper bottomed pots around the place. Ended up not going copper but a very sturdy based Vue pot, which I think is the Myer house brand. It made great potatoes tonight.

  2. Don’t paint all bridal reg staff with the same brush. I worked at Myer in the homewares department for 6 years and the bridal registry staff at Chadstone were and still are lovely. They are particulary busy this time of year heading into the bridal season and have the added pressure of stocks being low due to christmas purchasing. They also have the dreaded post christmas sale period looming where people come out of the woodwork to buy gifts cheap.

    While i am sure the guy who sold you your pots and pans was lovely do your own research because this is the time of the year where there are many new christmas casuals and they will tell you almost anything to make their sale targets and keep their shifts. There is large amounts of misinformation told to unsuspecting customers. As a consultant for a china company I have heard nearly every wrong thing told to customers that there is in relation to homeware products.

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