A Bit Of Christmas Chair

We received our first Christmas present today, a new old chair.

Our Christmas chair.

Rae and I had been planning on getting our comfortable, yet tatty, old chair re-upholstered to match the new couch we scored recently. We went through a recommendation from Rae’s mum who, as a surprise early Christmas gift, intercepted the quote (the upholsterer is a friend of hers) and presented us with a brand new old chair.

’tis lovely to have a new matching lounge suite after a couple of years of borrowed couches and sponge bursting chairs. Of course we can’t give it the final thumbs up until Miss Marita spends an evening lounging in it and gives it her seal of approval.

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  1. no nigel, it’s summat to do from being from t’up north. you may now officially hate me.

    lovely looking furniture there – i need new stuff too.

  2. For years I believed that upholstery was pronounced ufolstery. Is it a coincidence that I’ve never been able to hold down a job?

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