Mending Fences With Technology

Even though our wonderful agent still uses a fax to receive maintenance requests (Hint guys, there’s this thing called the internet. I’m willing to wager many more people have access to the net than a fax machine.) it doesn’t stop me from using my tech to help them and us.

A fence post that supports the gates to our garage and carport has rotted through, the rains we had recently apparently being the final straw. Now one gate is hanging by a single bottom hinge and they are heavy doors capable of doing a good deal of damage to person or car.

I filled out the sheet, faxed it off and then, remembering that a picture is worth a thousand words, took some pics and threw up a fence page so they could see exactly what I’m talking about.

I wonder if they’ll look?

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  1. We do similar things for our agents, but I am convinced that they NEVER look at the pictures we send (they at least use e-mail!) and really don’t give a sod. That reminds me, must e-mail them now about the roof …

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